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Delicious or nutritious? Why not both?

Chaac Foods was born out of my desire to accomplish both. I began this tricky journey a few years back when I started developing some health issues that caused me numerous allergies and food restrictions. Due to rough medical treatments, I decided to move to Oaxaca. This place is where I learned much kinder ways to view food; especially the importance of real, quality ingredients, and the effects they have on our health. So, that is how I decided to create my desserts and treats based on natural, clean, and ancient recipes.

Chaac Foods is named after the Mayan god of rain and agriculture because we are committed to using only real and unprocessed foods –back to basics! For that reason, you will never find processed sugars, GMOs, dairy, gluten, additives, lectins, colorants, or preservatives in our products. Each of the ingredients we use is wholesome and of the highest quality to not only nourish our bodies but also, our minds and souls. With this, we wish to inspire you to care for your body in whatever way works best for you, hoping that you can join us in our/this delicious adventure. 

So, here’s to a more honest way of enjoying the sweetest things in life!


Our wish is to uplift your world with treats that look and taste delicious, made only with good, honest, natural organic ingredients. 

Good food saves lives! And we are good food in every aspect. We want you to know more about our ingredients, so that you not only enjoy yummy, healthy, sweet snacks, but also discover that our food is friendly to your body and to the environment.

Want to feel good? Pampered? Heart warmed? You can do it in the comfort of your own home by clicking HERE. Or buying our product in store near you.


We want to be your #1 choice for fulfilling cravings without guilt! We want to share our products with you, hoping to inspire the notion that you don’t have to compromise flavor or pleasure when it comes to healthy snacks. 

We also want the world to know that we are a socially aware company, taking the steps towards being more responsible with the environment. We are aware that this is a process in which we are gladly trying to do better, but reminding ourselves that perfection is not realistic, because we want to keep growing and learning. We wish to nurture a kinder and more joyful environment with our team, in the hope that it can translate to our products, and in order to share that spirit with you!

It comes from the Mayan word “cacaohtl”, which means juice or bitter liquid. Cacao is a millenarian bean that is packed with flavor, energy, nutrients, antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber.

Cacao has been used since Mayan times for nutritional and medical purposes, and it is also known for inducing serotonin and dopamine release, better known as the “happy neurons”, as well as reducing cerebral aging and increasing memory.

They are a very nutritionally dense seed, and being a rich source of plant based protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, and essential minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese.

These seeds are also very rich in healthy fats, omega 6 & 3, fiber, and antioxidants.

All of this, makes them a great nutritious ingredient that helps control your blood sugar level, while keeping you satisfied and full.

Said to have originated in the Americas, coconut has been used for many years because it provides a wide range of micronutrients in very significant amounts.

These micronutrients include minerals, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and zinc.

We keep using it in many of its variations, because of its antibacterial properties that help support the immune system, as well as providing a natural source of energy.

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